How to add Auth to API Gateway ( 2021.9x )

I created an endpoint for API Gateway, and now I want to protect it, and only allow clients which have the correct Auth code ( generated from the Auth module ).

At the moment I’m able to access the link even with clients which are not authenticated.


The integration gateway (API gateway) currently doesn’t interact with the auth package (subject to change in future versions \cc @peter )

You could provide a predefined token that would be validated with the header prefilter.
It’s not ideal but it could work.

We could provide more assistance if you would describe your use case a bit more.
From where are you sending the requests to the endpoint? From a page in Corteza? You could instead define a workflow with an onManual trigger which would be protected behind the authentication facility.
Are you sending requests from some external application? How would Corteza know of the token generated by your application?