How to add TLS on Ec2

Hi guys!

Actually we’ve got an Ec2 Instance running ( docker compose)

we need to “upgrade” the istance adding TLS, this is what we’ve done :

  • created a Certificate with ACM
  • created a load balancer with EBL
  • created a Cname record for corteza →

however when we make a request to the server redirect us to .
If we try to logIn in that way we got “Mixed Content Error” from out browser…

there’s a way to tell corteza to use the https if the request was in https ?
we think that behind the court what the corteza server do is rewriting the request with http…

Any suggestions ?

what we already tried to do :

  • add a reverse proxy rule in the load Balancer ( but Aws- EBL can’t do it)

but this isn’t working…


Ok, managed it, but the documentation is pretty old and the Docker Images to use is been updated and renamed,

now the docker images for setting up the nginx proxy is :

follow the acme-companion github page to set up the updated container properly