How to build business logic?

Hello team,

I am exploring Corteza platform and I like it.
However I am not able to find any documentation on how to write business logic.
Is there any way I can build server side business logic like workflows or any other means that will execute server side business logic processing?

Also, how do I build client side processing like showing/hiding a field, making a field mandatory/non mandatory, or making AJAX calls to invoke server side processing. etc.

I am really interested in learning more about the platform. Can you please share detailed technical documents. I am new to Go and Vue, so reading the code to figure out technical details (reverse engineering the code) is difficult for me. If you can share detailed technical documents then I will really appreciate it.

With 2021.3 just around the corner you can find the development version of the documentation here - Corteza :: Corteza Docs

The “integrator guide” goes in details on how to implement custom business logic – Integrator Guide :: Corteza Docs

Custom business logic is implemented either by a workflow or by an automation script.

At the moment you are not able to dynamically show/hide different fields.

A field can be marked as required/not required in the module editor

To invoke “complex” processing, you are currently limited to our own “ecosystem”.

Alternatively, you can now define a workflow instead of an automation script.

Thank you for your interest in the source!
Technical documentation is currently in the works and not yet included in the final documentation.
Once it’s ready it will be available as the “developer guide” on our documentation page.

Thanks for your response. Let me go through the links sent by you. Appreciate it. Wish to be a contributor to the project soon. But it is going to be starting with abc for me because I need to learn go and vue first. Let me know how I can start contributing to the project with whatever resources I have in terms of programming.