How to create a workflow that will send an email containing parts of a record that was just created?


I am very new to working in Corteza. I am trying to set up a workflow that Alerts an administrator when a new record is created, and some information within the new record being displayed within the email.

I have a workflow that triggers after creation of a new record which then has a function that sends an email to a specific user but it just says “A new record has been created” essentially. This workflow is working perfectly. However, I want to add content to the body of the e-mail that gets pulled from the new record that is created.

Where would I begin looking into automatically having parts of the record that was created included in the email that is sent so that an administrator can quickly discern some information from the email that is sent to them?

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I have the same issue. I’m trying to figure out how to add content from the record fields into the body of my email.

You’ll have to use templates, Templates :: Corteza Docs

You can look at the “CRM - Quote - Send To Custom Email” workflow that comes with the default CRM for example usage.

Basically in short:

  1. Create a template with interpolated sections for populating with record variables
  2. Create a workflow that populates the template with record variables and renders email
  3. Send email

We’ve managed to build a template for a workflow we modeled after the “CRM - Quote - Send to Custom Email” example. Our templates preview is exactly how we intended it to look. However, regarding the workflow, we’re facing challenges with the “Compose Records Search” query and integrating the template seamlessly into the workflow. Any guidance on this issue would be appreciated

The workflow that shows how to use the template in such a way is called the same:
“CRM - Quote - Send to Custom Email”

If that is not enough, you’ll have to be more specific.