How to create workflows

Im trying to create a workflow for a business project. In the video demonstration videos it says to just click the app selector button and then click workflow. But those buttons dont exist when im on corteza.
Im using the local demo installation and where the app selector button theres just nothing. If I open a new tab I get the options of low code, crm suite, service solution, messaging, jitsi bridge, google maps, and admin area.
Is the local corteza demo not compatable with workflows? If it is, where do I go to create one?

Business processes are global. You can create it in the general list of business processes and then use it where necessary

The feature set is exactly the same between all instances. At most you’ll have to enable some (discovery, i18n, federation, …)

This tells me that you’re using an outdated version; refer to here for setting up the latest versions.

Detailed instructions on how to create workflows can be found here

Thanks you were right it was an outdated version of corteza it looks completely different now and has a workflow button on the main page.

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