How to Deploy for Production on own server?

Hi, Please provide me a easy guide or tutorial to deploy my finished Corteza project to my own server.

I have watched the production setup video on YouTube but just want to ask if I set it up using docker (I’m guessing i should) and connect my own domain from my registrar how will the website be hosted? Will the domain still be live and available to anyone online even if my pc is not on and docker is not running? Or do i need to deploy it to something like digital ocean, Aws, google cloud etc or is there another way?

What would you recommend I do, I am not that technical and want to deploy it to be accessible online on a server and my domain with 99% uptime with the most affordable and easy method possible please.

I don’t understand this part

Any help would gladly be appreciated.

Hi @Rich3art

Like mentioned here (How to install on host like an ftp? - #2 by darh) - export the db (postgres/mysql dump) and import it on the server would be most efficient.

Depends on the type of DB you have used for your local instance - consult the docs:

And here - Create a local demo and then move ir online? - #3 by Rich3art


Hi Darh

Thanks for the reply, Im not sure what im missing to understand, i do understand the dumping of the dp but how do I then deploy the container on my target host like you mentioned?