How to disable or hide button & rows

  1. I want to disable or hide the following buttons if the market manager logs in, however, all buttons should be enabled for the administrator.

  1. Can we make table rows read-only? I want to avoid getting sent to the edit screen after selecting a row.

For question 1, I suggest creating 2 page layouts—1 for your admin role and 1 for the target role—with each layout’s visibility governed by the user role.

For question 2, you can first toggle off the “Users will be able to select records” in the record list page block. A user can still click on the row to see the full record. If you want to prevent record edits, you would need to configure user role permissions and then configure the specific permissions for the module in question so that the user can only view but not edit the record.

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To make the 2nd question easier we could make a simple option that wouldn’t do anything on row click. The easiest way to disable row clicks opening record is to remove the record page for that module or change the permissions for that record page so that relevant users cannot read it.