How to do bulk assignments for records?

Hi everyone,

I have a field called assign_to of type User
so, I enter a record and change the assign_to field manually for each record

I wonder how to do bulk assignments?
for example selecting multiple records and the assign_to field show up to change all of them

I think the bulk assignment is a main feature in any CRM … and I think you already have solutions for such thing … could you share it with us … thanks

You can bind manual automation on record lists which would allow you to process multiple records at a time. Currently, there is a workflow prompt to provide record selection, but there isn’t anything to provide user selection. If this is a critical thing, you could create a record for every user and use that as a workaround.

If I recall correctly, we were discussing adding a user select prompt as well, but it hasn’t yet been done.

For automation scripts (you’re using them if I’m not mistaken @munawir ), there isn’t anything there, so you’ll need to use a workflow, or hack around via browser alerts in client scripts.

hello @tjerman again

I did a proof of concept demo for the task
with the help of Option select

I have a few questions here
first of all, where can I find the reference for these parameters?
what’s the type and value in the arguments?

and here is the prompt

how can I add an option to cancel the operation?
and is it possible to change the location of the prompt?

Looks like I missed the prompts when writing the reference, my bad, but for the rest – here

For the data types for the arguments – here

You can add an extra option such as cancel, the select step doesn’t have a cancel button but it might be added if I’m not mistaken.

Only in source code if you’re forking the web applications.

could briefly explain Type and Value arguments?

and I think in any CRM the bulk operation is very important
so its implementation should be native and straightforward

do you have any plan for this in your timeline?


type tells the prompt how to display the provided options; available options are select and radio

value states the default value for the prompt; provide an array of values when you allow multiple selected items.

At the moment, not that I’m aware of (cc @mia.arh).
Feel free to refer us to any sources, examples, scenarios, or wireframes of how you’d envision this feature to look.

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I would recommend checking out SuiteCRM

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another UI/UX thing, the prompt appears on any page on Corteza
for example, if the prompt appears and I’m not sure which value to choose
I need to check some other pages then I’ll fill the prompt

the thing is, when I’m checking the other pages, the prompt appears on the other pages!!

I got the bulk assignment working and I want to share my solution

I have a custom field called assign_to which is of type User
fortunately, the users which are assignable is limited
so I hard-coded the user name and their IDs like this

  "294777982239637506": "Rahaf",
  "294778094563098626": "Sara Q",
  "294775365480480770": "Manar"

then I loop through selected records and change the assign_to field

the downside is the hard-coded values

@tjerman just found a limitation

when a record-list page has 1000 records, I filter them to, for example, 200 records. the records displayed on a page are 20 records

now, I have to do bulk assignment page by page!
is there a way to select all the 200 records at once?

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like in various CRM:
1 - every field should have in his settings if available for mass edit
2 - when selected record you click on Edit button
3 - all fields form the module that have enabled mass edit are shown in a form, where you can insert values you want to mass edit

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