How to export to csv including linked records

Hey guys,
I’m facing annoying issues, I’m not sure if corteza doesn’t support them or some bugs

first issue:
I have a module that linked to another module via a field with the type record selector
now I have a list view, I can’t filter on the field (it’s not working) and I can’t sort via the field (not showing the sort arrows)
second issue:
if I wanna export the list to csv file (so I can filter/sort them via excel) the field that is linked to another module doesn’t show in the exported csv file

it’s really annoying since most of the team are experts in excel

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@tjerman sorry to bother you again, can you help here please

I have an initial workaround to be able to export the field

  • create a new field and make it of type string
  • create a workflow to fill out the new field if the record-selector field changed

so when they export to csv file the new field will show up
I don’t wanna do this workaround because it’s redundant of data and increase the load on the platform

I’ll ask our front-end guys to add reference fields; we filtered those out a while ago because reasons.

@tjerman could share some of the reasons? and when do you think the changes to be live?

This was years back; at the time the import logic didn’t resolve dependencies (linked records) so for the time being we just filtered out those fields.
Now it does so I am not entirely sure why we didn’t bring those fields back; I’ll ask around and see what we can do.

I can’t give you a timeline for the change; a really rough ballpark number would be by the 2022.9 release (since 2022.3 is just around the corner); probably sooner.


@tjerman clear thanks

brother, did you tried anything with the import part as well. I have a github link for CLI that tjerman shared, was wondering if I could get some help if you have already tried something.