How to extend the Corredor timeout for long running scripts

hello there,

I have a server script that triggers an external long API script
the external API script might take up to 30 minutes, and I wonder if there is a configuration on Corredor to change/extend the timeout of the script?

I found this in the docs CORREDOR_MAX_BACKOFF_DELAY but I’m not sure if it answers my question! the description is not clear to me … appreciate your help

See here; CORREDOR_DEFAULT_EXEC_TIMEOUT. The value is in nanoseconds; the default is 1min.

If possible, you could consider reworking the external API not to require an open connection while processing; something along the lines of:

  • request to process and terminate the script right away
  • have an interval script, sink/integration gateway endpoint to execute when the external API is done
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thanks @tjerman, this is valuable please add it in the docs as improvement

for before/manual events we want to wait for the automaation to complete so it’s synchronous, we need to wait

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