How to get data inside the system?

Hello - I’m thinking of using Corteza, especially the workflow tools, to automate sending emails / writing email templates / creating segments of users etc.

However, I’m quite stuck on how to get data in the system. I already have a database with user information, which is on a separate system ( not looking to change that ). How would I go about moving the data into Corteza and keeping it up to date?

I tried looking at the API Gateway, and sending a post event whenever user info changes, is there a better way?


If you would need to keep the data synced up between two systems you would have two options:

  • If the data would get pushed by your already existing system you would define an integration gateway (API gateway) to proxy the request to a workflow which would do the heavy lifting.
  • If you wish to make Corteza update the data periodically, you could define a workflow with an interval trigger

Alternativelly, what you could do when you have a sepparate system to store your data, is you could define your workflows to pull in the data from your current system, process it, and send out the email (for example). You could use Corteza to process the data without the need to have another thing to store the data.

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