How to Import Records with Record Selector Fields Populated?

I have a module, with 2 fields looking up to 2 different modules with the ‘Record Selector’ field. I want to import data, along with data populated for those ‘Record Selector’ fields but I am unable to see those fields either when I am trying to export data not while importing data.

Attached are some screenshots for reference. I can either prepare my csv file with record id’s from Corteza as attached or with said record names, but the fields itself don’t show up in the list.

I’m looking for something similar… any ideas?

@tjerman @darh Any insights?

You’ll need to use the CLI; see here

So, I thought let me play around with the yaml and csv files, but was having a little hard time with running the command as mentioned. Attached are some attempts in my Ubuntu CLI. Also the import CLI link on Github is broken.

FYI @munawir