How to install on host like an ftp?


I’m new to Corteza and so glad i stumbled upon it because it will finally help me to manifest my dream app, i just hope i don’t struggle to install it locally & online on my hosting provider.

But I just have 3 questions please:

  1. How can i upload the folders to my Hosting provider (TMD Hosting - uses Cpanel) and connect my .com domain to it?

  2. Is it possible to install Corteza locally on xamp like explained above or do you recommend rather using Docker?

  3. If not installing locally is possible how do i step by step install it using Docker locally and then once done upload to my domain securely?

The reason I’m asking all this is because what I’m used to wordpress installation through softaculous and also “Appgini” (which i paid for but didn’t even have harige the features that Corteza has) that generates the php files and all other files for me in my htdocs folder on xamp to run it locally using Apache and mysql where i can then add hooks and modify it right inside the folders and once done use tortoise git to sync with github, then just upload my folders to my host using a ftp. I’ve never used Docker before?.

Just to add, I am completely unskilled at coding but i just know a few things html and php but still learning.

I hope I’m not asking to much, just curiousoy want to know and hope that all this is possible before i even start and get stuck.

Kind Regards,

Hi @Rich3art

Only supported, most efficient way is via Docker images…

Corteza is built differently than your usual PHP app. It’s precompiled into an executable binary.
Most configuration is stored in the DB so you would need to dump the db and import it on your target system.

Zero experience with Docker might be a big challenge.

It’s worth mentioning that Corteza uses very basic Docker features.
If you want to learn, there are excellent tutorials on it all over the web.

All that being said, I would check if your hosting provider supports this kind of deployment.