How to install without Docker

How to install Corteza without Docker?
Is there a description for this?

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I’m interested in this too

I wonder how to build it from the source code

+1 ! :slight_smile:

I am also interested with linux package ! if something exists.

It would be very interesting with a guide that may explain how to do that (with dependencies) :slight_smile:

I’m afraid there are no general instructions for this just build scripts. You’ll have to reverse engineer Docker build files or maybe RPM scripts (

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HI, folks. I’m going to deploy RPM 2022.3 at Rocky 8.5.
Now I learning server options.
Could you check my points, please. After RPM deployment I have to:

  1. connect to database (.env)
  2. Raise sink fow web-application start (trying to get it)
  3. Make http reverse-proxy with SSL termination
  4. Make service wrapper for corteza-server binary

Also, what is the purpose of “completion Generate the autocompletion script for the specified shell” option?

The repository was private; it should work now