How to modify throttling settings?

I opened 10 chart pages in quick succession and got a Too Many Requests error.

I definitely need more relaxed settings. Is there a config option for that? I couldn’t find one in the example .env file.

Also, I plan on making thousands of asynchronous API requests in short bursts from time to time, so I want to make sure that no issues will arise during those “bulk processing” periods.

Hi @shmuel ,

we did come by with this error once already and it is in our backlog, but not in the next week or so.
Do you happen to run this locally / via docker / or proxied behind nginx?

Hey @peter ,

This was encountered both locally and remotely. Corteza was running in docker with no nginx proxy.

I’ve filed some github issues related to throttling and many requests

@shmuel , thanks for the feedback.

As you’ve probably already seen on the last issue and also for somebody else looking for info here, the way to fix the connection limits to Corteza API is using the:

These settings are currently the effective way to remove the limits (which should be somewhat thought about on your production systems).

Db polling limits are handled via db connection limit settings, either in postgres or mysql:

Returning proper headers (as per RFC) to the limited connections is currently a low prio issue.

@peter ,

Thanks for the response.

I’d rather the Corteza server be able to pool connections (like many other web servers do), than increase my max DB connections to the number of parallel requests I expect to make.

It seems that Corteza does pool connections per session. For example, I can make thousands of workflow DB queries without an issue. I’m assuming this is done through connection pooling.

For those interested, I ended up moving all bulk automation out of corredor scripts (and my opinion is that the current corredor->server architecture is not fit for bulk automation) into a combination of raw SQL procedures and workflows.

Which RFC are you referring to?