How to monitor automations scripts?

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I’m moving a lot of my automation from workflow to server-scripts due to different reasons out of the scope of this topic … so, in workflow, we have a Session page in the admin which tells us if the workflow has ran and completed or failed with the error message.

How can I achieve such proper monitoring/logging for server-scripts?


to give use case examples…

I’ve written a server-script that runs every two hours, the script basically tries to find some related record in a module. when the script finds some related records, it just prints them to the console(just information to the business people).

In another case, I have a script that runs every 4 hours, and it updates some records.
the script logs to the console what fields have changed and updated. so it’s like auditing but it’s less important.

in general, I can over-engineer a solution for seeing these logs, or just hock it to a Slack channel. but I wonder how you guys approach this? and what do I mess here?

You can connect Sentry for monitoring.

As far as I recall we only ever used sentry to report errors in regards to them.
There are probably some tools that are used to collect/inspect container logs so I would suggest you look there.

Would you mind collecting the reasons here/in a new topic for us please?

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@tjerman sentry would help only with errors
what about the logs? would you suggest some tools you know ??

I have no visibility on automation scripts, at least for workflows I know when they ran and if the error message if they failed

If my memory is not off, we used Kibana: Explore, Visualize, Discover Data | Elastic for storing and accessing logs in some (not Corteza-related) project a years ago so I can only suggest this one.

From a quick search I found and Docker Log Management and Performance Monitoring | Loggly which seem like what you’d want.

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