How to prefilter

Hi !
I’m Valentin and I’m a member of a french association.
We’re trying to reproduce a behavior we are able to achieve easily in Zoho Creator: prefilter a record selector by a status (a selected field) and another record selector (exclude what is already linked).
To explain that, here’s a bit of information:

  • We have a module named “bundles” and another module named “hardwares”. We have also a module named “accessories” which have a matter of compatibility with the records in “hardwares”.
  • an hardware can be added to a bundle only if its status is “available” and if it’s not already used by another bundle (unique)
  • an accessory can be added to a bundle with the same condition and with another one : it has to be compatible with the hardware (have a field value in common)

I thought it could be achieved with ease but I’m stuck. Only the prefilter by status is working.

Thanks a lot for any help.


Thank you for your patience.

To exclude what’s already linked you would need to store that info in a field. For example, a field of the Checkbox type names “used”. And then you can filter on the record list all records that don’t have “used” as true.

Would that be an option for you?

Hi Lenny,
Thanks for your answer.
Your solution could help achieve what I meant. Just one question : the checkbox is a user entry, isn’t it ? If yes, it’s a shame not to be able to dynamically check wether a record already exists in another record.

There are two ways to automatically fill in a field. One is the “Field value expression” option in a field (Field expressions :: Corteza Docs) and the other one, a more powerful one, is using a workflow (Workflows :: Corteza Docs).

In workflows there is the predefined function “Compose Record Search”, which might be useful for you :slight_smile:

Hi @Lenny, didn’t have time to test your proposal but I’ve seen there’s a huge update.
Is there something in this update that could help achieve my needs in a straighter way?
Thanks a lot.