HTTP request in workflow function node

How to fill in the parameters of HTTP request in workflow function node, can you give an example, or a screenshot???

Hi @zhanghao. Does this help you? Integration Gateway :: Corteza Docs

Is it possible to pass multiple parameters through the body argument in the workflow function node? Are there any examples?

The body argument defines the payload the request will send over, so depending on what method you’re using you can or can not use it.

The body can be whatever you want it to be, so in your example, you could send over a JSON encoded array that denotes the different values you wish to send.
Alternatively, you could use the form argument to form-encode the request.

Here is an example I quickly clicked together (I used to capture my requests)

Thank you very much for the reply and help!
I also had the issue of the api unable to read what I passed through the body parameter, but it is fixed by entering the value “application/json” in headerContentType.

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That one is usually quite important.
Might be a good idea for us to do some content type guessing or throw some errors in case such things are not provided.
I’ll upen up an internal discussion