I need help in filtering team members by selected manager

I have a module “Employees” of all employees and there is a column “IsManager”
There is also managerEmail column in the module.

Left Block is displaying Employees with IsManager = Yes
Right Block is All Employees
How do I filter Right Block Records based on Manager selected in Left Block?

I don’t think you can.

I would just have a record list with a filter of related subordinates on each employee module record, so when you view the manager’s employee module record, you see all of their subordinates.

Can you, please, elaborate it a little? Will it be dynamic? or static?
You know that static won’t work in real life.

It would be dynamic.

You would create a record list of all employee records, and then filter the list based on the the manager Boolean being true, and the manager email field being equal to the employee record email address, excluding the current record


A record list has it’s own UI actions (click on a row and you open a record). What you want to do is something else: click on a row and modify a record list on the same page.

So, we can do that with charts. A chart can have a drill down option enabled which can modify data in a list. So, let me run you through it.

I recreated your modules and added some demo date. After that I created a horizontal bar chart:

The next step is to add this chart and the record list that will be showing the drill down values. I recommend to first add the record list with employees:

As you can see it loads all employees. Let just add any filter to make the list empty. The drill down option will overwrite this filter.

Now, let’s add the chart and select the drill down option. Drilling down should not be in modal, but select the record list you added on the page.

Note: if you don’t see your record list on the select, save your page and edit the chart block again.

Now the page looks like this (after resizing and repositioning the blocks)

You can now click on any bar in the chart and the list on the right updates and shows all the employees.

Hope this solutions fits your requirements.

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