I wish Corteza to have Webinars, Demo's recorded by End Users

Wanted to make a post in this Topic.

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

I wish there’d be some Webinars done by experts in their particular domain and demonstrate how they implemented Corteza and are using.

Or like end user demo, on different things. To know more people who run those instances, how big they are/numbers of users handled, etc.


I echo that request! I love seeing various forms of implementation of a tool.



Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate it you want to view use cases of Corteza. On www.planetcrust.com we have a list of Corteza users (just under the header), so this shows that we’ve got a wide range of organisations and companies using our software - from small companies to big enterprises.

Maybe I should plan a webinar soon to talk about how different people are using Corteza :wink: If you haven’t singed up yet for our newsletter, I would suggest you do: https://www.planetcrust.com/resources/newsletter

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This would be a pleasure to have - I also find that a Discord or a chat group somehow can help us to communicate more and easier :slight_smile: