Immediate usage of new Child records on Parent's record page


I am a new Corteza user. I am trying to rewrite an app done on a different platform onto Corteza. The app is quite complex and I am having troubles translating it correctly.

I am failing to do the following thing in Corteza. Please guide me into which capabilities of it I can use to make it happen:

  1. I have Parent and Child modules. Parent has a field of multi-valued Record Selector type
  2. Children only exist in the scope of Parent
  3. It means that I can’t have separate list or record pages for Children
  4. Children must be created from the place of adding/editing Parent

Regular record page for Parent doesn’t work, because the multiselect of Children allows to only select existing Children.
Record List Block on Parent record page allows to add new elements, but I can’t immediately select the new elements in the multiselect field of Parent.

This is where I stopped. How do I go about it from now on?
I will be happy to elaborate further if my description was unclear.

Best regards,