Implementing Conditional Dropdown Field in Corteza CRM

Hello Corteza CRM Community,

I am currently working on implementing a dropdown field that should be displayed based on the selections made in two other dropdown fields. Unfortunately, my attempts to set up the field condition using the && operator have been unsuccessful.

To provide some context, I have attached a screenshot below illustrating the dropdown fields in question. (

Could someone kindly guide me on how to properly write the field condition to achieve this functionality? Any assistance or insights would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your help!

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In your screenshot, the fields you check are both called record.values.SeasonNew, but in your message you mention “two other dropdown fields”. Maybe one field in your condition should not be called SeasonNew?

Thanks for pointing that out. I seem to have updated the wrong image I will correct it.
The two fields I plan to use are records. values.SeasonNew and record. values.Ship.

Based on the values specified in these two fields I want the values listed for the departure field to be selected.

By the way, Is the ‘&&’ field condition correct to combine two fields in Corteza? Is there any place that indicates a document that I could refer to?

I have corrected the screenshot error illustrating the dropdown fields in question.
Link -

@Lenny Thanks the suggested solution worked.