Import account records

Sometimes Import works sometimes not. There isn’t a lot of debugging output. Is there a way to log what is happening in the import? Also is there a way to do an update vs new record on import based on a UID?



hi @shaneburrell and welcome!

Can you please share which version of Corteza you’re using? And can you please share a bit more details about what not working means - is there any UI or console error? Any screenshot that might help us understand the problem would be very useful.

Our devs are investigating an import issue on versions 2020.12 and 2021.3 and I want to check if this is related or not.


I am using a fresh copy of 2021.3 .

Below is all I see at the console as I hit the import button.

|server_1 | 18:27:42.458|DEBUG|actionlog|service/module.go:374|looked-up for a Account|{timestamp: 18:27:42.458, requestOrigin: auth, requestID: 2d64da549736/qjI05aoStJ-000006, actorIPAddr:, actorID: 225648557787447300, resource: compose:module, action: lookup, severity: 6, error: , description: looked-up for a Account, policy-match: true, meta: {module.ID:225648051618906116,module.handle:Account,,module.namespaceID:225648048783556612,namespace.ID:225648048783556612,,namespace.slug:crm}}|
|server_1 | 18:27:42.521|DEBUG|actionlog|service/record.go:332|records imported|{timestamp: 18:27:42.521, requestOrigin: auth, requestID: 2d64da549736/qjI05aoStJ-000006, actorIPAddr:, actorID: 225648557787447300, resource: compose:record, action: import, severity: 5, error: , description: records imported, policy-match: true, meta: {}}|

No progress bar activity an GUI shows import successful. It wasn’t.

Thanks for your quick response.

This is indeed the same issue we’re trying to fix, so we’ll update you once it’s sorted out.

// cc @tjerman @darh

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I tested the latest docker image and import seems to be functioning again. I need a way to keep accounts synced with a legacy system. Is there a way to import as an update (match UID, etc)? If not is there an example of using the API to check if an account record exsists, create new/update?

I would suggest one of two approaches:

Deferred Automation

Define an interval that executes the workflow each day/hour/…
Fetch the updated accounts from your legacy system and create/update them in Corteza.
You can store the ID of the account in a module field and use that as an identifier (email or any unique identifier also does the trick).

Alternatively, you can define an automation script.


If your legacy system is able to send HTTP requests, you can define a sink route and then write a workflow or an automation script that processes that webhook.

Is there any easy way to Match Id’s. Could you be able to share some detailed steps on the Above options you mentioned. Thank you.

I want to store the file .csv in settings and pick it to update the records based on ID