Import Low Code Records

Goal: To define some problems with importing records into Corteza Low Code from .csv files.


  1. When running through the instructions for importing records from .csv files, I received the following error:
    compose yaml decoder: failed to decode document: EOF
    Instructions Link:
  2. After upgrading from 2022.9 to 2023.3, upon running the --help command for ‘import’ the three options to ‘merge’ records has changed to ‘panic-existing’ and ‘skip-existing’.
    The documentation for 2023.3 seems to miss this.

Any suggestions on what might be going wrong here?

The .csv file has been checked multiple times and we are just using the example in the documentation to see if we can import something first before moving to our own files.

Do we need to create modules in Low Code first?

Is some sort of restart required?

Is there now a better way to do this not mentioned in the documentation?