Importing a name space - field sessionID is empty

We upgraded to 2021.9 from 2021.3 and then we exported the namespace configuration. We are trying to import the name space to 2021.9.5 instance and we are getting an error: Namespace failed to import: field sessionID is empty.

when /api/compose/namespace/import is called a 200 status is returned however the following error is returned in the http response
{“error”:{“message”:“page parent reference must be a valid handle (3727:15)”}}

Also do you same the errors into a log that we can take a look at.

We do; refer to here

Can you unzip the archive, open up the YAML file containing the pages (IIRC it is called something in the lines of compose::page.yaml), go to the line stated in the error message (in your case 3727) and change the parent reference…

Use the pageID or the handle of the parent page instead of the current value (I’m assuming it used the title) – use search in file to find the referred page.
This issue came up quite recently; we’ll be addressing it either in one of the patch versions or the next release.

Thank you we’ll look into the the YAML file. As far as the logs the action log is not capturing the error messages related to the issue above.

We were able to identify the issue in looking at the yaml file, we then fixed the first issue by going back to each page that did not have a handle and adding the handle. We ran into another issue with the record pages not having a parent handel. We could not edit the page to add a handle since it is related to a module. We originally had the records pages as children to the record list pages, we moved all the record pages such that they did not have a parent and we were finally able to export and import. We will test the system now to see the effect on this.