Importing, definition of email field


First of all congratulation on this nice piece of software that you made available to us.

I’m currently trying to import my data into a compose module. (I follow Import Low Code Records :: Corteza Docs)
I have a field containing multiple emails separated by a “;” and I would like to store it in a multivalue field in the compose module:

namespace: ipr
kind: Email
label: emailto
isMulti: true
multiDelimiter: ;

While the import itself succeeds, the corresponding field is not defined as multi valued (in webapp).
Am I missing something?

As a side note, when the module is not already present in Corteza, the corresponding module does not seem to be “completely created” so that I can list the records. Navigating to the module configuration and saving it does, however, the trick.
ErrorCould not load record list: cannot search data entry: model 319280250536067112 does not exist
I’m available should you need more information.

Best regards.