In Cloud hosted Corteza (trial version) no "New Workflow" button

In Cloud hosted Corteza (trial version) there is no “New Workflow” button.
Is that because it is Trial Version?
What is the minimum paid version I can buy to see “New Workflow” button and create workflows?

Hi there,

Yes, this is correct. There is no “New Workflow” button because it’s a hosted demo version.

You can either download Corteza for free and install yourself or, alternatively, you can get a cloud subscription here.

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Just a few follow up questions:

How do I navigate from one page to another on click of a button?
Possibly writing a script with NavigateTo or something?
Is that available in Cloud Free Trial version?
Is there a single user paid version for all features testing for just one user?
A single user cannot afford the lowest available paid version.


You can download Corteza free-of-charge. Also, we publish our documentation here. There are also some useful beginner videos here.

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