In corteza my smtp email sender doesn't work

Hi , In my Corteza application 2023.9 version , I am getting a workflow error when sending a email after the Lead conversion to company and opportunity workflow run. When I go to the email setting in the Admin section and try to test the smtp connection it gives an error called time out. How to fix this email not sending issue .

Workflow error,
Could not execute automation: workflow 361854044602499074 step 118 execution failed: could not send email: dial tcp i/o timeout

Error comes when testing the smtp connection,
server: dial tcp i/o timeout

Is there anyone who could help me on this.

Hi there,

If it gives you error when you go to the Email config. page, it’s because your Corteza instance isn’t communicating with the SMTP server, and it can be caused by some factors, for example:

  • Bad username or password
  • Bad port
  • Your server firewall config can be blocking the SMTP ports (in your case, 25)
  • If your SMTP server is SSL protected, the port (usually) should be 465 instead of 25


Thanks @jmatias for your suggestion.