Install a internal messaging module?


I would like my users and clients (2 different groups) be able to communicate with each other kind of like the same way the forum messages work Corteza and the feature where it displays at the top of your account logo a small digit indicating that you have either a reply or a personal message that’s not read yet.

I saw this discussion regarding matrixdotorg/synopse but will this do exactly as I described here above @tjerman , I see in the discusion its mentioned as “internal” but in which way, in other words will it display my enread messages when im logged into corteza and can i message from within or do i need to connect to a seperate page to do that?

How to implement this, is there something native I can just cli into corteza? Or something I can just customize a certain file and which file, and how do I even do that, is this even possible with corteza?

At the moment, there isn’t anything like that native to Corteza, so you’ll need a separate thing for that. Internally, we use what you referenced above.

If you want, you can try and extend Corteza’s web applications to integrate with some external thing. I think that would make an interesting feature. What do you think @darh ?

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