Install behind nginx proxy manager

This is not a local install - its sits on a hetzner server

I have managed to install Corteza and get it running on a docker container but having issues connecting to the web ui. Here is my docker-compose ps:

production-server-1 cortezaproject/corteza:2023.9.6 "./bin/corteza-serve…" server 20 seconds ago Up 8 seconds (health: starting)>80/tcp

My nginx proxy manager sits on and works well on other containers but not sure how to configure it here. My proxy manager entry is but I get bad gateway.
Anyone have ideas how I can tweak this configuration?

My docker-compose is: 
    image: cortezaproject/corteza:${VERSION}
    restart: always
    env_file: [ .env ]
    depends_on: [ db ]
    ports: [ "" ]
    networks: [ internal ]

and part of my env is:

DOMAIN=my.domain.tld  (use domain name without port here)

Got it working. needed to change the DOMAIN in env to my DNS domain name. And then I needed to use HTTP instead of https to get to /auth. This was not an easy install.

However after updating the user profile got this error WebSocket connection to ‘wss://’ failed:

Page loaded over HTTPS but requested an insecure XMLHttpRequest endpoint

Im not sure if this has something to do with the reverse proxy or not but finally got it working - but I had to to use one more hack in the .env file by adding this :


Let me know if there is a better solution.