Installation with existing MySQL

I’m very interested in trying to use Corteza to replace SuiteCRM we are currently using.
I’ve been ready docs but can’t find example of a configuration I need to use.

I’m trying to find the way to install Corteza with an existing mysql server listening on a host system, database corteza.
I’d also like to:

  1. Expose corteza http port on a host system port 8080 so I can use existing apache as proxy
  2. User persistent storage for corteza at /opt/corteza

Could someone help me to create composer and env file for this install?
I’d greatly appreciate this.

Hi @Anton ,

we are usually running our DB in a containerized fashion, so most of our instructions and code snippets are using that.

You can check this thread to setup simple corteza with containerized DB:

You need to edit the volumes section in server service to the appropriate folder (/opt/corteza).

You will probably need to set host networking on the server service to connect to your local DB (also set your DB_DSN accordingly) and so that the apache reverse proxy will be able to route.

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