Installing on shared hosting platform

Hi there

I’m using CPanel and normally use Softaculous to install my software or I upload a zip file to a directory, unzip it and point my browser toward it to open up an installation process as I don’t have access to the terminal to be able to type commands for installation. Is there a version I can upload to my server, extract and run? Or is there somehow I can install it without having to type commands?

You can (modify the source code and) build your own binaries.
You can also use one of our prebuilt binaries

I would imagine Softaculous provides some Docker support; apart from pulling containers and running the services, there isn’t much CLI work you need to do (regarding Corteza setup).

Hi Tjerman

I’m flattered you think I can do everything you just said but “No”, I can’t build my own binaries and Softaculous doesn’t have the word “Docker” in any of its vocabulary on my site. i had a look at your prebuilt binaries, which one do I download and is it a matter of just extracting and installing?


I have now spent 16 hours trying to install this and still not getting it. I must admit, I knew nothing about servers prior to trying this, but with all the different instructions on youtube, websites, help articles, etc. I do exactly what is instructed and my results are very different to the ones the others get. I will gladly pay someone to install this for me. I really need this done ASAP so msg me and let’s tee it up.

You could consider cloud option so you wouldn’t need to worry about hosting related hassles.