Internationalization - export resource translations

I have Corteza (version 2021.9.5) installed and, according to the documentation, support for additional languages is configured.Translation of the custom Low Code resources such as namespaces, modules, and module fields is working.
But when exporting namespace, the translated resources are not exported, so there is no way to transfer them to another instance of Corteza (from “dev” to “prod”, for example). Will there be such functionality in the future releases?

Thank you.

Hi @ttakanaev,

Welcome to Corteza!

That’s an excellent point - @tjerman, did you think about this already, perhaps?

Cheers, Mia

Thats a fair point; I’ll see what needs to happen to get that supported

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Hi Mia, @tjerman,

Thank you for reply. Hope this will be resolved.

Regards, Timur

We’re in the process of implementing an improved import/export management facility for the 2022.3 release; expect this to be better supported either on the release or in one of the patch releases.