Internationalization - low granularity level (button label)


I saw that Corteza (version 2021.9) provides support for internationalization so, I decided to have a look over this greate feature.
Using Corteza version 2021.9.3 and, following your documentation, I was able to configure my server and to add/to deploy translation files for a new language.

But, when playing with translation files, I noticed some limitations - “translation coverage for low level objects that reside at a page or at a block level”. Here, an example could be - translate the “button label” (button is inside a block → block is inside a page).
Question 1:
Do you have in plan to provide a deeper translation coverage using translation files ?

On the other hand, inside database I noticed a new table - “public.resource_translations” and, this table contains “translation related information”.
Question 2:
There is a correlation between the translation data inside public.resource_translations table and data existent inside translation files (* yaml) ?

Using this database’s table I was able to add translation even for “block title” or for “button label”
but this approach involves a little more effort and a lot of extra correlations based on Namespace/Page/BlockID.
Question 3:
Do you have in plan to maintain “public.resource_translations” table into the future releases ?

Thank you.


I have continued to investigate translation capabilities and I would like to ask you new questions.

Field level translation:
-Is it possible to translate system fields (Owned by, Created at, Created by, Updated at, Updated by, Deleted at, Deleted by …) ?

  • For a “drop down” field, could be translated the “label” of the existent values?

Chart level translation:

  • What about Metric label and Axis Label, could be translated ?

Automation level translation:

  • There are some workflows that contains Error and Prompt objects, is it possible to translate the
    messages handled by those objects ?

Thank you.

In regards to the first chunk of questions (involving the resource_translations table) – resource translations are what allow users to translate resources defined by them (module field titles, page block titles, …). I’ll open a ticket for someone to check if we’ve missed something (you’ve mentioned charts, system fields and some other bits).

You should not interact with it directly in the data base; we have an interface that allows you to edit those.

I see that I’ve missed the setup process when writing the documentation; in order to enable resource translations, you’ll need to enable it in the .env file; for example:


Hi @CezarRadan,

A quick update - in version 2021.9.6 we added support for translating dropdown options.

Chart labels are still to be added.

We didn’t add internationalization support to workflows yet at all, but you made a good point there will be a need for error and prompt multilang messages.

Cheers, Mia

Thank you very much for your update.
I will try to use corteza 2021.9.6 version for drop-down translations.
Happy new year!

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Happy NY to you too!