Invalid client: not found << agian!

Hello all

I’m using 2022.3.4 and I’m getting invalid client: not found error regularly
especially when I open another tap !

is there something messed up? or changed?

Does it always show up for the user in question or just sometimes? If it’s constant, it might be some RBAC issue on your or our end. Try to give the user receiving the error a super admin role to see if it really is RBAC

@tjerman the user is already a super admin

and it happened to multiple users if we opened a tap the issue occurs
so if we want to work on several windows at the same time we open another browser !!

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Do you have multiple auth clients configured? Can you note down any configurations you have set up that you’d find relevant here?
This sounds like a strange one; I always work with a lot of tabs, and it works just fine. Have you moved servers/migrated the database/changed the domain recently?

@tjerman yes, I played with the deployment recently !!
also, I changed the domains … I’m not sure why is that a problem?

Perhaps worth validating if your .env variables are set correctly along with inspecting the auth_clients table records. A while back, I forked one of the staging instances to my local container, and I was getting the same error until I fixed up both of those (the .env and the auth client DB record).

Try the above while we investigate. We’re a bit pressed on developer time, so any help with additional findings would be awesome!

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hey @tjerman, we just did a re-deploy and it seems fine

Maybe it has something with our previous deployment!

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Re-deploy with the old database or completely new?

the old one!

as I said, I think it was related to our deployment since we change a lot of things in terms of DNS