Is German translation available?

In your Localization Guide you write that at the moment English is available, and German, Spanish and Dutch translations are worked on.
What is the current status for German?
What do you have to set to switch to another language?

I used this guide when I translated to Norwegian Bokmaal Internationalisation :: Corteza Docs This guide also contain a link to a set-up guide

I havent got the translation to work yet, but I believe Ive might have done something wrong in the translation files. I also changed the folder structure a bit so maybe it is wise to follow the instruction 100 % :wink:

You can download the translation using GIT to check how much is translated. If you do not have a Git client, You may use the online tool The direct link to download the German language, click here: DownGit

The Cortezaproject also have some sort of online tool but I havent used that to translate. Cant remember why I chose to do it “manually” :slight_smile: :upside_down_face:

For the Low-code apps (like CRM) You will need to translate them in the UI. Since I haven`t got the translation files to work yet, I do not know how much that needs to be translated there.

Also, I found that it is a couple of different approaches to translating using the UI. I am not sure what I found to be the best method yet so I will not give any recommendations yet. Also, I haven`t found any guides on how to do the translation in the UI (best practice)