Is it possible to add a random delay in workflow

We need to create a random delay within the worflow. so Is it possible to add a random delay in the workflows?

No. There is currently no elegant approach to doing this. I’ve proposed a ticket to add some functions to work with random bits.

A few things come to mind if this is absolutely needed:

If you write down your use case we might be able to find a workaround until this is better supported.

Actually we are doing some calculation within the workflow while data is inserted. So the workflow needs to run synchronously(I mean same workflow shouldnt run in parallel), otherwise we are encountering racecondition.

To solve this issue, the best possible way is to use an external queue and insert the record synchronously but for POC I just wanted to get away with some random delay in the workflow.

An option would be to create a queue module where your record insertions would create a record within the queue module via workflow 1.
Then you could use an interval trigger to process the newly inserted data based on the queue module.