Is it possible to bulk update records via CSV?

I found this post but the question does not seem to be answered How to update records via csv - :bookmark_tabs: General - Corteza (

Basically, let’s say I have 1000 records in one module. I need to add data in one field in all those existing records. I don’t want to delete and create new records, want to update existing ones.

In the import function in the UI, there does not seem to be an option to match prepared csv with recordId’s so as it would update existing and not create new but that doesn’t seem possible

Want to know if it’s a system limitation as of now to be able to do it through UI?

If you’re working in the same instance you can use workflows to propagate data automatically (or manually).

Check out this example Workfing with Records :: Corteza Docs

@jfortun there is no static value I need to update all records to

For example, in this case I have to update a record selector field and a date field, each record has a unique record that I need to link through the record selector field and a different date value.

To design that in a workflow I am guessing there’d need to be 100’s of decisions to tell what to do for a specific Id of record. I am attaching my prepared csv for reference. Hope this helps.
DD - Constitution - (17.6 KB)

If i understand correctly, you can loop through the records, then find the related record based on the value, and update that related record with the info.

If the source of the records and the values is all inside Corteza then you can do that with a workflow.
If the source is outside then an automation script would be better since it can parse input files

I might be misunderstanding your use case though

@jfortun i understand what you mean but my use case is different.

To put it in different words, is it possible to bulk update records not through a workflow hopefully through a UI interface.

If not what are some other options I have?

Yes it is, by enabling these two options in the record list configurator.

  • Able to select records
  • Bulk record edit

Then you can filter the records you need to update and bulk update them


This is good, but this would also solve a use case like the workflow would.

What I am looking for is something like this (attaching a couple of vid links), hope this helps distinguish the use case I am looking to solve and am able to showcase the merit in what having this would do apart from the workflow or bulk edit through list view would @jfortun