Is it possible to deploy Corredor on an different server?

hey there, I wonder if someone successfully deployed Corredor on a different server and make them work together ?

I made two different environment variables for Corteza-server and Corteza-Corredor
in Corredor I set CORREDOR_ADDR variable to be
while in Corteza-server I set it to the domain of Corredor server (I tried the ip address instead of the domain but got the same result)

I’ve read the documentation but unfortunately, I couldn’t make it work
is there something I’m messing ? appreciate the help

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It is possible. Be careful - all networking (+ container networking) rules apply here.
So – same approach as you would use to connect to an external database. Hope that helps.

should I include the protocol and port in the environment variable?
for example https://domain

or only the domain ??

def. without the schema (http://) only host (or IP) and port.

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