Is it possible to set null value to field of number type?

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the default value of the number field is zero which results in confusion for the sales team … here is the scenario

I have a field called order_total of type number
and I have another called collected_amount of type number

now I wanna create a new field called remaining_amount of type number
the field will be calculated like this order_total - collected_amount
the thing is, when collected_amount is null I don’t wanna do the calculation and I wanna set the remaining_amount to be null too but it gets zero instead which is misleading

I’m using field expression … is there any way I can achieve that without using workflow? thanks

A bit of an unfortunate integration into the default value sanitation flow where the sanitiser defaults the invalid number into the zero-value. This does seem like a bug to me but I’ll check with the team on what exactly we want to do (we’ll probably mark it off as a bug).

Your current options:

Change that expression field into a Text input

Instead of having your expression return nil you’d return a ""; so something like this: !(aa ?? false) ? "" : "10" (expression written for my dummy module; adjust as needed).

Not sure what your use cases are, but this would probably do the trick. In this case, your queries would need to change into field = '' instead of field IS NULL.

Change the Number field into a multi-value field

This is a bit of a hack, but due to how Corteza handles multi-value fields, for most cases, this should behave exactly the same as the single-value counterpart.

The biggest change would be any workflows since you’d have to iterate the field (or use the record.values.field[0]) but querying should work out of the box.

The expression would look something like this: !(aa ?? false)? [] : [100] (again, adjust as needed).

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thanks @tjerman, I used the first option as workaround

please update the topic if you decided on a solution to the matter