Is the REST API available on the Corteza cloud demo?

Hi there,

I have a case where I just need to “scratch on the surface” with Corteza.
I’m required to hit the Rest API that is part of the Corteza Server, which in my understanding as per the documentation is (or is part of) Corteza backend.

Does anyone know if we can setup Auth clients withing the Corteza demo by PlanetCrust at One (

I explored a bit and I’m failing to find the API at

I’m guessing I will need to spin a Corteza instance on premises, a self hosted version, right?
My end goal is to create an auth client, so that we the access token be able to authorize calls against the Server APi.

I would appreicate your comments on this,



it’s not possible in the demo because you don’t have access to the full admin panel.
You can either host corteza yourself or use the trial period of the online offer.


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Ohh, that’s awesome.

I Signed up for the trial and I see I can have a sales rep enable full functionality for me, including the REST API.

Thanks so much on the tip, cheers