Is there any way to implement a query like the action log

Is there any way to implement a query like the action log?
I can define several inputs to recieve different conditions, then click a search button, fetch records from db and present them by the record list.

Not currently, unfortunately, the only way I believe this to be possible is to run a SQL query on the actual DB table itself.

Thinks for your reply.
I can fetch records by automation, but how can I present the results?

With a bit of development knowledge, you could create a view/table and mimic a module in Corteza. But this still doesn’t lend itself to querying from the UI.

@explorer Maybe record list filters are something that would help a bit.
Based on record fields you can filter them with inputs. Probably not exactly what you’re after but it may serve a purpose, you can open it by clicking on the filter icon in the record list table header.

Yes, that’s good. Thank you @jfortun .
But it seems like that the the record list fields filter can not be disabled.
I want disable it while the record list is presented in a edit page some times.

I’ll add a configuration option that will let you enable/disable it in the record list configurator

Added, it is called “Hide filtering”, will be available in 2022.9.8 released today.

Wow, that’s amazing.

Can I close this thread? Or is there anything else regarding this issue I can help with?

Yes, I have no problem, Thanks for your help.