Is this a bug? Can't specify a User on the Evaluate Permissions screen

I have added a new Role and assigned it to one user. I am trying to evaluate permissions but I can’t select this user. When I open the selection screen, the user (Todd Testing TAM)is not in the list as you can see here:

If I type “t”, the list reloads and you can see the user:

But when I select the user <@undefined> is displayed:

I have tested with several users and all of the users displayed in the initial list work, but any users not displayed in the initial list fail.
Thanks for looking into this.

If you refresh is it included in the list?
The reason it might not be is because the list doesn’t include all users/roles otherwise imagine showing 10k users in that dropdown.
Therefore only the oldest ~20 or so users are shown.

Hello jfortun,
I am not sure what you mean when you say “if you refresh”. I reloaded the page in the browse. And I restarted my machine so I don’t think it is a cache issue.
When I type “t” in the user input, it filters the list and shows only records that include “t”, so it doesn’t seem to be an issue with filtering the list. When I select one of the users that were not in the list at first, I see <@undefined> in the user input.

The @undefined is a bug, the fact you don’t see it at first (without filtering) is not.

Issue here Some user inputs selected value turns to undefined if the selected user is not part of the initial batch · Issue #1854 · cortezaproject/corteza · GitHub