Issue with corredor triggers

Hi there,

I’ve inconsistent behavior with corredor automation triggers

for example

  • after update triggers: I’ve automation runs after a record has been updated to clean up some data … I have around 3K of updated records I expect to have 3K of cleanup job … but I only see around 1.7K that cleaned !!
    note here: these 3K updated records happened in a few minutes
  • cron job skipping: I have 5 automation runs every hour at minute zero, each hour only one of these 5 automation runs. it’s really inconsistent, sometimes only one of these 5 ran for the next 6 or 8 hours then it changed to something else for 3 hours … sometimes it stuck with automation for the next 24 hours !!

for the cron job, I can work around it by changing the minutes but for the after-update triggers, I can’t.

please advise… thanks