Issue with date filteration from the UI

Hi there,

I have a field called checked_in_date which stores the date when the customer checked in.
I use the REST API to set the field and I use this format for example 2022-04-19T21:57:34+03:00
note, I’m in +3 time zone

the issue here, when I’m at the record-list page and I do this filtration

it should only display the records which have checked_in_date after that date and time. but in reality, it shows records before that time. see the filtration results

am I doing something wrong here! … if so please advice

Looks to me like it should work; I’ll have someone take a look and update you

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Hello @munawir,

can you, please, share your checked_in_date field settings?

hey @katrinyordanova, normal DateTime field except for the Format

@munawir , thank you for the provided screenshot. We’re looking into the issue and will update you once we know more.

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@katrinyordanova @tjerman sorry to bother you :slightly_smiling_face:
any update here?

No; I was having trouble in reproducing it when I wanted to fix it so I’ll have another crack at it (probably) next week with Katrin

@tjerman good luck guys

I think the issue around the timezone conversion (I’m in +3 area)

@munawir the issue has been fixed. Can you test and confirm it works for you too?


@katrinyordanova which deployment version I can find the fix?
I’m currently using 2022.3.1

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@munawir the fix is on 2022.3.2