Issue with export with csv

Hi there

I have an issue with exporting functionality

if I have a module with 1000 records
I filtered them to 100 for example

when I am in the export popup I see the count is 100
but when I download the CSV I got all the1000 records !!

Hi @munawir, I quickly tested this and can confirm I got the same outcome. Thanks for reporting this. We’ll let you know when it’s fixed.

Cheers, Mia

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Hey @mia.arh

will the fix be included in 2022.3.4?

Hi Munawir,

The task is scheduled for this month, but since we have already released the 2022.3.4-rc.1 I’m not 100% it will make it to this release, but probably 22.3.5. The developer assigned to the task will give you an update here when it’s fixed, as promised.

Cheers, Mia

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@mia.arh I’ve tried it on 2022.3.4 and still exists, so it appears it will be included in the next release

in addition to that bug, there is also a new one which is export to timezone button
it won’t convert to the correct timezone

I wanna report this to give you more context on the export functionality bugs

hi @mia.arh is there an update here in 2022.9 version?