Issue with uploading a file field when upgradting corteza

Hi there,

I’ve faced a weird issue regarding file field after I upgraded corteza from 2021.9.1 to 2022.3

I have a field of type file upload, and I specified the type of the file to be text/csv.
everything is great till I upgrade corteza to 2022.3, when I upload a CSV file I got this error message

Issue with file upload: “file type not allowed”

is there something changed I’m not aware of ?

Hey @munawir,
Thank you for reporting this.

Issue is resolved and here is PR# Fix mimeType detection for CSV file by vicpatel · Pull Request #353 · cortezaproject/corteza-server · GitHub.

It will be available in next release.

@vicky great :heart_eyes:

what’s the timeline for the next release?
I wonder if we could handle it manually till the next release or implement a workaround for it

The release (2022.3.1) will happen sometime tomorrow.
Currently you can remove the whitelist if that is a possibility for you. It should work if whitelist is empty.

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