Issue with Web Console(version 2022.9.x)

Hi there

I want to try the web console feature Corteza Server Web Console :: Corteza Docs

I followed the docs both ways

  • by setting the ENVIRONMENT=dev
  • and by setting

when I try the endpoint /console
I get redirected to /console/ui/ and get this error message 404 page not found

I did found an older topic related to same issue and they said the issue got fixed after version 2022.3.3, but I am using 2022.9.x and still facing the same issue.

It should work on 2022.9 also; I just tested it on 2022.9.5.

Here are the .env variables I used


Have you set all of these? If it’s in dev you can skip the username and password, else, you need to set them.
Did you reload the configurations after you’ve set them (docker-compose up -d)?

Thanks for your reply.
I had already tried everything you have mentioned above, no luck.

What 2022.9 version are you using exactly?

I am using 2022.9.x*

There is a number in place of x; if you go to the /version route of your instance (example or if you click on the ? button in the top right corner

Its 2022.9.2, so do I need to upgrade it to 2022.9.5?

I can’t recall if there were any issues with the console at that time, but it’s still a good thing to keep your things up to date.
If you wish, I can have a quick check a bit later if there were any issues with the console.

While we’re at it, could you post your config files here please (.env and docker-compose.yaml)? You can send me a DM or an email if you prefer.

Thanks a lot.
Now we are checking all the logs using ‘make watch’ command.