Japanese characters did not showed on Low-Code development

I tested Japanese character data are showed correctly on CRM/Case Management and it works .
But I created Low-Code namespace with Japanese characters, it is not showed on the namespace list.
Also it is same as on module/fields/pages.

Japanese characters is utf8 and the database is set for it.

mysql> status
mysql Ver 8.0.25-15 for Linux on x86_64 (Percona Server (GPL), Release 15, Revision a558ec2)

Connection id: 48
Current database: corteza
Current user: corteza@localhost
SSL: Not in use
Current pager: stdout
Using outfile: ‘’
Using delimiter: ;
Server version: 8.0.25-15 Percona Server (GPL), Release 15, Revision a558ec2
Protocol version: 10
Connection: Localhost via UNIX socket
Server characterset: utf8mb4
Db characterset: utf8mb4
Client characterset: utf8mb4
Conn. characterset: utf8mb4
UNIX socket: /var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock
Binary data as: Hexadecimal
Uptime: 6 min 9 sec

utf8 code is “e38387e383a2” in the above screenshot “name” column Japanese character.
Please let me know what’s wrong.