Lack of documentation for Query language

Hi !
Hope I will get an answer as my last topic don’t :wink:

I’m desperately trying to pre-filter record fields but it won’t work at all.
So I have a syntax question: how to target the fields of the linked module in the pre-filter?
I tried with the name of the fields, but no luck.
I tried with the name of the module and the name of the fields (MODULE: Field = ‘’) but no luck again.
And I can’t find an example in the documentation or in this forum…

So thanks for your help !


Sorry for my late reply here. I had one in draft here, but never finished it. Anyway, I’ve seen your other message and replied to that one.

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:+1: are you really single to answer on this forum? Not much users…

No, I’m not alone. :slight_smile: Between the summer holidays and upcoming release (keep an eye out for news!) we’ve been very very busy.

You can check out the activity in our repos at :slight_smile: A lot is happening :slight_smile: